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Willamette Valley Roofing is here to provide you with quality roofing services.  We are a small company that provides a personalized and attentive service.  We have over a decade of experience that allows us to give you the craftsmanship in work and excellence in services.

With today's environmental challenges, we want to do our part.  So we are evolving as a company that is more conscientious of sustainability, green business approach and practice.  Through education, certification, training, and partnerships we will be better able to serve you and the environment.     

When our business requisite for sustainability is achieved, we will be able to install roofing systems that will harness the sun's energy and thus alleviate our dependency on energy sources that isn't sustainable. We will strive to promote the use of quality proven materials and utilize technology that are a better alternative than what is in the current market or commonly used in the construction industry. Learn more by reading reading about our services offered.

We appreciate your time, consideration and the viewing of our site.  

Knox & Kristin

"here for your roofing needs"
"here for your roofing needs"